Join us to celebrate women in space

MARCH 18th, 2017

at 2PM - 5PM PST

Cross Campus  Downtown LA

Main Area

800 Wilshire Blvd #200, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Call (323) 897-0900

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Let's celebrate Women in Space! 

Panel Presentation and Project Exhibit

SPACEPORT LA March 2017 Women in Space 

In Collaboration with Booz Allen Hamilton










Key Note, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton



Angela Wallace leads engineering and science delivery for Booz Allen Hamilton clients including DARPA, DISA, OSD AT&L, DoD CIO and the Air Force Space & Missile Systems Center. Angela’s contributed to major space communications systems including Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF), Wideband Global System (WGS), and Mobile User Objective System (MUOS).


















Air Force Space Command, U.S. Strategic Command


Brig. Gen. Pamela J. Lincoln is the Mobilization Assistant to the Commander, 14th Air Force (Air Forces Strategic), Air Force Space Command; and Commander, Joint Functional Component Command for Space, U.S. Strategic Command, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. She advises the Commander on optimal employment of the total force to conduct missile warning, space superiority, space situational awareness, satellite operations, space launch and range operations to provide tailored, responsive, local and global space effects in support of national, USSTRATCOM and combatant commander objectives.




Flight Attendant for Zero Gravity Corporation 

A Virgin Galactic Founder Astronaut (customer)

Co-creator of Yuri’s Night

Master of Jedi

Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides is one of the first 100 people to buy a ticket for a sub-orbital spaceflight on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo and will likely fly in 2018. Trained as an astrobiologist at Stanford and Caltech, Loretta has been to the Canadian Arctic to study plant life in extreme environments and to the hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean with “Titanic” director James Cameron to film a 3D IMAX documentary, “Aliens of the Deep.” She is the Co-creator of Yuri's Night, The World Space Party, celebrated annually all around the planet on or around April 12(and under the Space Shuttle Endeavour here in L.A.). Loretta has over five hours of time spent floating weightless (in 30 second chunks) in a 727 aircraft as a Flight Director for Zero-G Corporation. She has given numerous talks about her life, including TEDxNASA and TEDxPasadenaWomen that you can catch online. She currently teaches Jedi Training at Virgin Galactic and is working on her book about using the power of space to bring out the best in humanity (and you). 




NASA Chief Medical and Safety Officer

Sheyna Gifford, M.D., M.Sc., M.A. is a physician, science writer, and simulated astronaut for experimental long-duration space missions. A science journalist since 1997, she has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines, and has contributed to the creation of science documentaries for National Geographic, VICE, and the History Channel. She is currently the scientist-in-residence at the St. Louis Science Center in St. Louis, Missouri.







Moderator, Host, Vintage Space

Amy S. Teitel is a spaceflight historian, author, blogger, YouTuber, host, and writer focussing on space exploration from about 1930 to 1975. She started writing for the public with her blog, Vintage Space, which has recently turned into a thriving YouTube channel of the same name. Her first book, Breaking the Chains of Gravity, was released in 2016. She has worked with NASA, and has appeared in a half-dozen TV shows and written for well over a dozen print and online publications.



12:30-1:30 LA Space Gal Meeting

1:30-2:00  Registration and exhibition
2:00-2:20  Welcome & Announcements - Vera Mulyani, Spaceport LA
2:25-2:40  Keynote - Angela Wallace, Booz Allen Hamilton
2:45-2:55  Pamela Lincoln, USAF
3:00-3:10  Sheyna Gifford, NASA
3:15-3:25  Loretta Whitesides, Virgin Galactic
3:30-4:00 Panel Q&A, moderated by Amy Shira Teitel
4:00-5:00  Exhibition


Ramona Rampage Robotic Team
Reaction Research Society
Space Fashion
Mars Without Borders
Yuri's night

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Vera is the CEO and Founder of MARS CITY DESIGN.

Vera comes from multidisciplinary background in master planning in various fields of art; architecture, urban design, filmmaking and storytelling, has made her specialized in conceptual strategy in technology, innovation and business development. Vera contributes her expertise in combining these fields, creating a collaborative competition platform for designing cities for Mars, our next step to settle the Red Planet. Vera is the Master Architect and planner of Mars City Design.



Norris Tie currently works at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems as an air-breathing propulsion engineer. He graduated from UCLA Class of June 2014 in aerospace engineering. He is passionate about both aerospace and entrepreneurship. He served as President of UCLA's Technical Entrepreneurial Community (TEC) and founded UCLA's Entrepreneurship Council, which now has around 20 organizations, ranging from the Law School, Anderson School of Business, Startup UCLA, and student groups like TEC. He also participated in UCLA's Rocket Project as safety officer and the UCLA ELFIN cubesat project. In his spare time, he is learning to build rockets. He is interested in anything that moves humans faster around the world and/or through space, namely rockets and high speed propulsion engines. 



Andrew is from a background in the aerospace and mechanical engineering fields. He previously worked in the private space industry in Europe as a technology developer, project manager and entrepreneur. Among other roles, he worked for 4 years as a specialist at the European Space Agency in the Netherlands where he supported the development of space missions, including significant contributions to future lunar and Mars landers as well as the VEGA launch vehicle. More recently he was Director of Technical Operations for the Google Lunar XPRIZE, where he was responsible for selecting and managing the panel of independent judges, communicating technical aspects of the prize to the space industry and the general public. Andrew holds a Ph.D and bachelors degrees in aerospace engineering from the University of Sydney and a Masters degree in Space Studies from the International Space University.



Monica is a managing partner at LightSpeed Innvations, an aerospace accelerator. Monica has over 22 years of experience in the technology and aerospace industries; with expertise in technology R&D, product development, strategic partnerships, and innovation strategy.  She frequently advises high-tech start-ups and corporations on their business and technology strategies.   As part of the steering committee for the Wharton Angel Network and Wharton Aerospace Ventures, Monica works actively with investors and entrepreneurs.  Monica holds both BSEE and MSEE degrees from the University of Southern California, a Systems Engineering certificate from the California Institute of Technology, and an MBA from The Wharton School. She currently holds a faculty position at The Wharton School.



Curtis is an Aerospace Systems Engineer with a passion for space. He has more than 10 years experiences in designing, managing, and executing engineering projects and have both technical and management experiences. Curtis earned his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech, and he is ready to making ideas, people, hardware into space.
Curtis specialities: Systems Engineering, Analysis, Design, SysML, Problem Solving, Space Industry, Coding, MatLab, Python, JMP, Communicating in Japanese